How to Manage Feelings Poster – Now Available!

I’m excited to announce my newest product to help children manage emotions! The poster takes children through the same emotion regulation steps I use in my office:

  1. Identify the feeling
  2. Rate the Intensity
  3. Choose a Strategy
  4. Reset the Brain

Whether you’re five or eight-five, the steps are the same. The poster is $18, 18″x 25″, laminated and ready for years of use. I recommend it for classrooms, in bedrooms, on counselor’s walls and yes, even on the bedroom walls of us adults who need a good reminder.

What’s different about this poster is it helps children choose how to manage their feeling based on the intensity of their feeling. Intensity is the greatest factor in managing emotions. We can all handle anger at a 5 (on a scale of 1-10) but how about at a 10? Someone cuts us off in traffic, our kids won’t stop yelling, we are tired, overworked and overwhelmed. We need to handle that feeling differently than if we feel it at a 7 or below.

The poster takes children through emotion regulation steps in a child-friendly way. They will circle their feeling, circle its intensity, then write in the spaces how they are going to manage it. When their feeling is 1-7, they choose a strategy such a Square Breathing to help manage it. When their feeling is 8-10, they will write down how they are going to reset their brain using the five senses. Change what I see, hear, smell, taste and touch. (Go outside, listen to a song, touch a soft blanket, take a drink of water, etc.)

For those of you who need ideas for strategies, I recommend buying the Emotion Regulation Toolkit, which includes the Feeling Cards and the poster, $35. If you already have the cards, the poster is a great addition. Both are a great way to prepare children for the upcoming school year!

So thankful for all of you and for your care of children, everywhere.


For more information on how the brain processes emotion: Flooded: A Brain-Based Guide to Helping Children Manage Emotions





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